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Steam Shower

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A steam shower is a type of bathing where a humidifying steam generator produces water vapor that is dispersed around a person's body. Steam showers combine the functionality of a standard steam room with many additional features including a shower, FM radio and hydrotherapy.  Steam showers are available in a variety of materials, including tileacrylicfiberglassglass and stone. 


Steam showers have evolved from the steam bath which is thought to have been invented during the height of the Roman Empire. Ancient Roman baths served many community and social functions within Roman society. These Roman baths were supplied by natural hot springs from beneath the ground.

Over the years, steam has been utilized for a variety of different health purposes. The way people generate their steam has changed and steam showers can deliver a more intense burst of steam than a steam room or range top.


Some physiotherapy experts have begun to incorporate steam into their rehabilitation practices. Although a cure has never originated for the common cold, steam is often cited, as a reliable way to temporarily alleviate the symptoms.

Some medical professionals recommend steam showers, as a way to diminish the pain and stiffness associated with ankylosing spondylitis and rheumatoid arthritis.

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